Wow, We Did It!

THANK YOU! We’ve reached $17,205! Today has been truly remarkable! We received $8,350 in matching donations. Our community of donors contributed $8,855, allowing us to exceed our goal. Wonderful! The party at the Teasdale Rock Hall was super fun and we reached OVER our goal of $16,000 to help cover our first year’s operating cost of the Animal Care Facility. CCAW also […]

Oooh, So Close! Come Celebrate This Afternoon

Oooh, so close! Come celebrate this afternoon. CCAW’s Give Wayne County campaign is a success! We’ve raised $5,840 toward our goal, thanks to you and the animal companion surely behind your motivation. Rescuing a homeless pet adds so much pleasure to the daily routine, plus you’re doing an enormous, life-saving thing for a life. It’s a win-win. Thank you all so much! […]

It’s Time To Party With The Pet People!

It’s time to party with the pet people! Are you, animal loving friends in Wayne County, ready to mingle? Join us later today at the Teasdale Rock Hall from 4:30pm to 6:30pm to hang out, win door prizes, eat, drink, hear live music and poetry, see people you haven’t seen in forever, meet new friends, and make a donation to CCAW’s super […]

Give Wayne County Ends In Just Two Days

Need a break? (We’re talking to you and your animals.) Did you knowDid you know that CCAW’s new Animal Care Facility will not only be the only animal shelter in the area, but will also offer pet boarding and doggy daycare, and with a discount to residents of Wayne County? We want to give both […]

Love Wayne County

They’re just so funny, aren’t they? What does your animal friend do that makes you laugh out loud … after you take a deep breath? Does your cat see ghosts mid-belly rub, claws out? Does your dog roll in something stinky, eat something questionable, and proudly jump on your car seat? Help others achieve the […]

Give Wayne County

Give Wayne County Logo

Love Animals? Then Give Wayne County June 3-12. Today Color Country Animal Welfare kicks off its annual fundraising event Give Wayne County, ending with a party of animal lovers like YOU at the Teasdale Rock Hall on June 12 from 4:30 to 6:30. Woohoo, fellow critter-people, later this summer, CCAW will open our animal shelter. […]

The Safe Future of Animals is Changing Soon!

The Color Country Animal Welfare shelter will be opening this summer, which will be a wonderful thing for many animals. Adoptions, rescues, and day care for dogs and cats will be available. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to the opening day! The CCAW website is also being updated, and we will share its new […]

CCAW Animal Facility Opening This Summer!

The CCAW animal facility will be opening later in the summer. There has been a lot of work to build it, and we are very excited when it will open! We will let you all know when you will be able to come visit it, board a pet, or even become a shelter volunteer if […]

Thanks For Your Help + We Are Now Hiring!

Thank You for Helping Us! March 2, 2021 Thank you so much to everyone who donated to our ioby campaign fundraiser. You helped us reach our goal to fund the new animal shelter facility! The facility will be opening this summer, and we are so thrilled about it. From the bottom of our hearts, thank […]

Here’s Where We’ve Used Your Donations

Dog and Cat Cuddle

[flat_button text=”Donate” title=”Donate” url=”” padding=”10px 20px” bg_color=”#DB5800″ border_color=”#DB5800″ border_width=”1px” text_color=”#ffffff” text_size=”14px” align=”center” target=”_self”] Who ever said, “Life is a journey,” really had it right. Ruff and I met you in November from this very spot. We appealed to your generous spirit to help us help others…those dogs and cats who are lost, abandoned, living hard…in […]