If you have found an animal you think is lost or abandoned and has no visible identification, give us a call at 435-425-2050. We have a microchip reader and can check for an owner. We keep the animal safe for a week as we attempt to find the owner. If no owner is found after a week, the animal will be placed for adoption. 

If you need to rehome a pet, call us at 435-425-2050. We’ll do what we can to help keep you and your pet together. If there are no other options and if we have the space, we will accept a non-dangerous dog or cat (we cannot accept feral cats) for placement either in the Animal Care Facility or with a foster caregiver. 

If you have feral cats hanging around your yard, we can help you get them fixed through our Trap-Neuter-Return program. It is difficult to remove feral colonies, and a new colony will soon take its place. We recommend fixing and vaccinating the cats, which involves tipping their ear for easy identification, and returning them to the same area, while providing regular food, water, and warm shelter. In time, with diligent trapping and fixing, a community cat colony will reduce in number while providing the cats with safe lives.  

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