Board of Directors

  • President - Sarah Tal
    President – Sarah Tal
    Sarah became involved with CCAW in 2013, inspired by its founder Dottie Weaver. Originally from Oregon, Sarah has a B.A. from Kenyon College and a J.D. from the University of Utah. As a day job, she works for the State of Utah from her home in Torrey. Animals have always...
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  • Lee Austin
    Vice President – Lee Austin
    Lee worked as Host/Reporter for Utah State University/Utah Public Radio. He got a BA from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh the class of 1997. He served for ten years on the Cache Humane Society Board of Directors and helped that organization build and open the only animal shelter in Cache County, Utah....
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  • Treasurer - Leita Kingsland
    Treasurer – Leita Kingsland
    Leita is a self-employed accountant, working primarily with nonprofits for the last decade. She has worked for CPAs and in industry and has over 30 years of accounting experience. Leita is a Torrey resident, who loves dogs and cats, hiking and gardening. She is a founder of CCAW and helps...
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  • John Benson
    Secretary – John Benson
    John was born and raised in Salt Lake City, where he got a BSEE at the University of Utah in 1972. His career included engineering and project management for computer and medical companies, which also allowed him to travel internationally. There were always cats and dogs in his life, and...
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  • Bill Barrett
    Bill Barrett
    Bill lived in San Francisco, with his wife Diane (an artist and retired florist), for 25 years before retiring in 2012. Bill worked with and for non-profit art and design colleges in the U.S. and Canada for his entire career. In addition, he has extensive experience with non-profit organizations and...
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  • Mary Beddingfieldsmith
    Mary Beddingfieldsmith
    Mary and her partner Scott moved to Torrey after living in Logan for almost forty years. Before they were married, Mary explained there could be no “I do” unless Scott agreed that union included animals in the family. They now spend a good portion of each day attending to the...
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  • Cheryl Blondal
    Cheryl Blondal
    I was born in southern California and moved to Sandy, Utah where I owned a hair salon in Sandy for 20 years. I moved to Torrey in 1999 and I have a hair salon at the Thousand Lakes RV Resort where we live. I became a CCAW board member last...
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  • Annie Holt
    Annie Holt
    After years of weekend visits to Torrey, Annie and her husband, Don Gomes, finally settled here full time. After 40 years in healthcare and job-related moves to Indianapolis, San Antonio, and Anchorage, Annie is content to sleep in and spend time enjoying life. Annie and Blaze, a herding dog, spend...
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  • Jen Howe
    Jen Howe
    Jen grew up in Oregon, but has lived many places before moving to Torrey 20 years ago.. She is a registered nurse, and currently owns a guiding business with her husband Steve. She has always been surrounded by animals of all kinds and has been an advocate for their well...
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  • Sushiel Keswani
    Sushiel Keswani
    Sushiel lived in NJ for nearly 35 years before retiring from management consulting and moving to Utah for a life of peace and solitude. He now pursues his hobbies of music, writing, cooking, and gardening. Sushiel is actively involved with CCAW and is also volunteering with the Wayne County Fire...
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  • Dana Landale
    Dana Landale
    Dana first came to Wayne County in the late 1980s for the Outlaw Trail endurance ride and was immediately drawn to the area. In 1991 she and her husband, Nipper (KenNoble) met Doc and Dottie Weaver. They spent time at the Weaver’s Shifting Sands Ranch on the Notom road, and...
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  • Diena Riddle
    Diena Riddle
    After retiring in 2015 from years as a teacher and administrator, I’m living the dream. Moving from South Jordan, Utah, I’m now surrounded by the beauties of red rocks and the uniqueness of Wayne County. Our children and grandchildren love to visit as they can, We enjoy hiking and four-wheeling...
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  • Julie Trevelyan
    Julie Trevelyan
    In 1999, Julie Trevelyan found her way to Torrey from her homeland of Southern California. With a long history of working in the outdoors, primarily with horses and kids, she adores the wide open spaces of southern Utah. A freelance writer and author, she’s lucky enough to be able to...
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