Our Facility

After seven years of tireless work and dedication by the board, volunteers, and community, Color Country Animal Welfare opened the doors to its state-of-the-art facility in the spring of 2022.  The facility serves as both a boarding and daycare facility and a rescue for dogs and cats.  The building was designed by Salt Lake City-based architect Parallel Lines.

Situated on 12 acres, the land surrounding the facility offers plenty of walking trails. Nestled amongst the red cliffs west of Torrey on Highway 24, the facility offers a home-away-from-home for all of the animals that come through the door.  Whether they are boarders or rescues, the CCAW facility provides the perfect setting for animals to play, rest, or heal. 

Upon entering the front doors, guests are met with a spacious, softly lit lobby complete with couches, art, and plenty of cat toys.  This space offers the perfect location for introducing timid animals to the facility’s staff.  You can also find CCAW merchandise and pet supplies available for purchase.  This space is also home to Color Country’s own CeeCee, the resident cat who greets everyone with warmth and curiosity.   

Open to the public, the facility also boasts a pet bath station.  A ramped entrance and removable nozzle make it easy to clean pets in a safe and comfortable stainless-steel tub.  The nonslip floor provides ample grip so pets are not scared.

While in the facility, dogs and cats are separated into two wings with separate ventilation systems so that their scents do not cause fear or anxiety to either species.  The dog hallway contains four color-coded rooms.  In an effort to reduce the stress, anxiety, and fear of all in our care, the rooms have been furnished with couches, chairs, and carpets.  You will also find plenty of beds and blankets for comfortable lounging.  With a total of 15 kennels, the facility offers plenty of space for boarded dogs and rescues.  Each animal has their own kennel, complete with a cot and access to the outdoor area.  Because rescue dogs often enter the facility with unknown vaccination histories, each room has its own negative-pressure air return system so that none of the germs in one can go into the others.  The final kennel room in the hallway is the isolation kennels which can be used to house those dogs that need observation and vaccines prior to being introduced to the other animals.

The outside kennel area is surrounded by a 12-foot fence and offers several levels of interaction between guests.  All of the dogs have their own area in which they can play and go to the bathroom.  Gates can be opened to allow more space for animals to run and interact with each other.  AstroTurf provides for easy disinfection, fun for the dogs, and reduces water usage.

The cat wing has two elaborately furnished rooms with shelves for outside viewing, cat condos for a wide array of sleeping and lounging options, and wall-mounted boxes for climbing.  All of the animals can be easily viewed from the hallways through large windows which allow potential adopters and facility staff to check on the animals regularly. The cat hallway also includes an isolation room for unvaccinated felines and those recovering from surgery.  Two isolation cages can be utilized to keep animals separated or to keep mothers and nursing kittens together. 

Whether it’s for a few hours or an extended stay, our facility offers the perfect home-away-from-home for all the animals in our care!

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