Foster Program

With a limited number of spaces for our adoptable animals at the shelter, we rely on volunteer foster caretakers to provide a homey environment for the pet, which makes the animal more adoptable more quickly as it adapts to living inside and with people and other animals.

Volunteer foster caretakers are often needed at the last minute, and it’s not always an easy job. You’ll need patience, time, love to give, and a sense of humor. Please consider becoming a foster, as the rewards are endless.

Please fill out the Foster Agreement below

Foster Agreement

Select the type of Animal you would like to Foster. Check all that apply.
I agree to the following: That my services as a Foster Care Provider for CCAW are provided on a strictly volunteer basis. I shall receive no pay, benefits, or compensation from CCAW for my foster care of animals. I also agree to provide foster care in strict compliance with the policies and procedures of CCAW, including:(Required)
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The Foster Parent agrees not to bring a claim or suit against CCAW and its directors, agents, or volunteers from all liability arising from the behavior or actions of the pet. This agreement discharges CCAW from any liability to the Foster Parent and his/her immediate family with respect to bodily injury, property damage or other loss. The Foster Parent releases CCAW from any liability for CCAW’s own negligence or liability that may result in injury, property damage or other loss to the Foster Parent.
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The Foster Parent understands that fostering an animal carries a risk of injury to self, family and guests, or damage to one's home.
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The Foster Parent agrees to indemnify and hold CCAW harmless for all injuries, property damage or other losses including attorney’s fees and costs of litigation because of the Foster Parent’s negligence or liability.