CCAW History

Color Country Animal Welfare (CCAW) was born from founder Dottie Weaver’s lifelong passion and love for animals. After retiring from a career as a registered nurse, Dottie raised horses and volunteered with rescue dogs. She lived in Wayne County from the 1970s to her passing in 2015, and Dottie’s home in Torrey became a refuge for homeless and abandoned dogs and cats. As others learned of Dottie’s work, they pitched in to help. In 2009, they began CCAW, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Color Country is the only organization in Wayne County and the surrounding areas that provide services, education resources, and financial support to promote the humane treatment of animals. CCAW has a working board of volunteer directors, all of whom live in Wayne County and share Dottie’s passion for this place and its inhabitants.

These days, CCAW serves roughly 300 animals each year, mostly through our spay/neuter and foster and adoption programs.