July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month

It is estimated that 1 in 3 pets will become lost at some point during their life. National Pet Prevention Month provides pet owners the opportunity to ensure their furry friends stay close to home with the use of these valuable tips:

  1. Microchip your dog or cat. This allows places like CCAW to identify your pet when lost and get them safely home.
  2. Get a collar with dog ID tags.
  3. Teaching your pet to “come” and “stay” invites your pet to listen and can prevent an excited (Squirrel!) dog from taking off.
  4. Keep your dog on a leash. Although it’s fun to let our curious friends explore the world on their own, using a leash is the best way to keep them close.

CCAW is committed to the wellbeing of every animal. That’s why we celebrate National Lost Pet Prevention Month.

National Rescue Dog Day- May 20

National Rescue Dog Day takes place on May 20 in the United States, but it’s a great time for prospective pet owners around the world to consider adopting a furry friend in need. For those who already have a rescue pet in their family, this is a day for appreciating how far they’ve come and continue to go.

National Rescue Dog Day was founded by Lisa Wiehebrink, in 2018. Wiehebrink is an author of children’s books as well as director of the non-profit organization, Tails that Teach.

One of the best ways to celebrate the day is by adopting or fostering a rescue dog. You will be providing a safe place filled with love and kindness to the animal and, in return, you will receive friendship and unconditional love.

Annie Holt and Don Gomes will provide a 20% match to pledges made for 2022, 2023, and 2024.

Donations will go to rescue operations and related facility costs.

All pledges must be submitted by December 31, 2022.

August 30, 2022 - Chamber Music Concert

October 1st - Annual Celebration 2022


Join CCAW for our annual Silent Auction Fundraiser

Place: CCAW’s facility on Highway 24 near Torrey

Time: 4 pm – 6:30 pm, final bids at 6 pm

Vegetarian and vegan food along with wine, beer and other beverages

Auction items will showcase contributions donated by local artists and multi-night stays at a luxurious Park City hotel.

National Black Cat Appreciation Day – August 17

The truth is, black cats have the highest rate of euthanasia and the lowest rate of adoption. Ignore the superstitions! Black cats make great pets. In fact, in some cultures, they’re believed to be a good omen. Next time you’re at Color Country Animal Welfare, ask us about the black cats in our facility who are ready for adoption. And if you have a black cat in your home, give them an extra snuggle (or two!) on August 17.

National Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Day – September 18th – 24th

It’s sad to think that some pets are “less adoptable”, that’s why CCAW is committed to raising awareness by helping people understand that all animals deserve a loving home. According to PetFinder, animals who spend 48 weeks or more on the website are considered less likely to find a home. These may be animals who are old, disabled, sick, or simply less good looking. If you have room in your home and heart, consider asking us about the animals available for adoption who have been here the longest. For every animal, a foverever home!

July 1, 2023 - Apple Days Yard Sale


July 1st in Torrey

9:00 AM – Noon

Drop off items June 29 & June 30 between 10AM and 2PM at The Old House at Center & Main.

All proceeds benefit the animals of Wayne County

Solar Eclipse Viewing Event – October 14th

On October 14th, the annular solar eclipse will make a grand entrance across the country at 10:28AM. Since Color Country Animal Welfare is located at the heart of one of America’s greatest Dark Sky Communities, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to share this spectacular moment with you.