Before you make the final decision to rehome your pet, we encourage you to consider the following:

  • If you adopted your animal from a shelter, contact them first. Most adoption contracts require you to contact them before rehoming your pet.
  • Contact your veterinarian to rule out possible medical issues if your animal is experiencing sudden behavior changes.
  • Contact a trainer for help with common behavioral problems.
  • Ask friends and family members to determine if they would be willing to take ownership of your pet.


If you have exhausted all options, we kindly ask that you follow these steps:

  • Start with filling out a surrender form by clicking the button below. If you call us before filling out a surrender form, you will be asked to return to the website to do so.
  • Honestly relay all information regarding your pet.
  • Make an appointment for evaluation of your pet at the shelter by calling us at 435-425-2050. Animals are accepted by appointment only. 

We typically have a waiting list of 2 to 3 dogs and try to service animals in Wayne County first. Your patience during this process is appreciated.

If CCAW is in a place to move forward with an intake, please bring the following upon arrival at our animal care facility:

  • Current photo ID
  • Proof of residency in Wayne County
  • Completed surrender form (you have filled out online and printed, or one filled out in person)
  • Your pet’s veterinary records and/or the name of the vet where they were last seen
  • Any behavioral or training records

Please provide as much information as you can about your pet.  The more information we have the easier it is for us to determine whether or not your pet is appropriate for intake.

We cannot guarantee that your pet will be accepted for intake. Our staff will perform behavioral and medical evaluations to determine if your pet is a surrender/adoption candidate. Pets that are determined to be a health or safety risk to humans or other pets will not be considered. This includes pets that are unable to be helped by reasonable veterinary care. 

A surrender fee will be requested. If the animal is not current on vaccinations or has not been spayed/neutered, the surrender fee will be adjusted accordingly. See Surrender Agreement(s) below.