It is not always easy to know if a wandering dog is a work dog patrolling the neighborhood or lost. In Wayne County, we have many dogs who are working dogs and may not be lost at all. Similarly, we have many community cats who live happily and healthily outdoors. Please consider this before picking an animal up. We also encourage you to be aware of your own safety when dealing with an unknown animal.

If you have found an animal with no visible identification, give us a call at 435-425-2050. Please do not bring the animal to the animal care facility unless you are invited to do so. This is for the safety of the animals and staff onsite. If we invite the animal onto our premise, we have a microchip reader and can check for an owner once we meet the animal. 

Some things to consider when searching for the animal’s family:

  • If a person calls to claim the animal, always verify the person’s identity.  
  • Offer the animal small amounts of food and water.
  • Check to make sure it isn’t hurt.
  • If nobody claims the animal within a reasonable amount of time, you may decide to keep it. If you do, make sure you have him or her checked by a veterinarian and spayed/neutered.

CCAW may not have space to care for the animal immediately. Any help you can offer is appreciated!