The Safe Future of Animals is Changing Soon!

The Color Country Animal Welfare shelter will be opening this summer, which will be a wonderful thing for many animals. Adoptions, rescues, and day care for dogs and cats will be available. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to the opening day!

The CCAW website is also being updated, and we will share its new format with you all when it is ready.

As always, thank you so much for your support and your care for the creation of the CCAW animal services facility. Please feel free to donate to continue to help support the humane treatment of animals in Wayne County and other nearby areas.

Dr. Jake Van Dyke of the Fremont River Veterinary Clinic Serves the Creatures of Wayne County

Dr. Jake Van Dyke at the Fremont River Veterinary Clinic in Lyman serves many animals in Wayne County. Although being a vet can be a very demanding and busy job, he loves the work he does, and this county is very grateful for his wonderful business! Keeping animals safe and healthy is a solid team effort since the animal patients are unable to speak for themselves. When animal owners realize there is a problem with their creature, calling the Fremont River Veterinary Clinic to ask for help is a wonderful thing to be able to do in this remote county.

Preventative care for your animals is extremely important, and Dr Jake encourages owners to be aware of it. This includes vaccinations; heartworm, flea, and tick treatments; addressing diarrhea and air-borne diseases; nutrition and herd management; and annual checkups. The clinic also offers x-rays to check any internal issues, ultrasounds, in-house bloodwork, and cremations for animals that have passed. Grooming services are also available, which can lead to happy, clean and great looking dogs.

Surgeries usually start first thing in the morning for Dr. Van Dyke. Common surgeries include spays and neuters, but many different types of surgeries are performed depending on an animal’s needs. Scheduled appointments and emergency calls tend to happen during the rest of the day. Typical work days for the clinic are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you need to make an emergency call, any time, day or night, weekday or weekend, you can call the clinic at (435) 836-2211. If the call is made after clinic hours, simply leave a message, and there will be a quick response.

While Dr. Jake focuses on preventive medicine and provides surgical intervention, the list of services available at the Fremont River Veterinary Clinic is significant. Dr. Van Dyke’s accessible and knowledgeable care is a very welcome addition to Wayne County, for which many residents are thankful. We always support wonderful veterinary services and are extremely grateful for the Fremont River Veterinary Clinic.


-Color Country Animal Welfare


The Richfield Veterinary Clinic was CCAW’s initial partner for spays and neuters for local animals. Dr. Dan Johnson was our primary vet until Dr. Jake Van Dyke opened his Fremont River Veterinary Clinic here in Wayne County. The Animal Hospital of Eastern Utah run by Dr. Thayn has also helped us with spays and neuters. We quite highly recommend all three veterinary clinics for all animals and are very grateful for the help all these wonderful vets provide!



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