CCAW Animal Facility Opening This Summer!

The CCAW animal facility will be opening later in the summer. There has been a lot of work to build it, and we are very excited when it will open! We will let you all know when you will be able to come visit it, board a pet, or even become a shelter volunteer if that interests you.
Give Wayne County will be happening in June!
We will let you know the details soon.

CCAW Animal Rescue


Some people have asked about the process Color Country Animal Welfare (CCAW) goes through to rescue animals. It starts with a phone call from someone who has found an animal they feel needs help or is lost. If the person is unable to keep the animal until the possible owner is located, we make arrangements to take the animal to one of our foster family’s homes. We check the dog or cat for a microchip, take photos, and look the animal over for any obvious injuries. If the animal appears to need veterinary care, we make an appointment and take them in. If there are no ID tags, but a rabies tag, we attempt to track down the veterinarian with whom the tag is registered.

CCAW then posts photos and descriptive information of the animal on multiple Facebook sites in an attempt to locate the owner. We’ve found that in the small community of Wayne County, Facebook reaches the most people, and oftentimes people share the post and the owner is quickly found. We keep the animal in foster care for one week in order to find the owner. Then, if no owner is located, we have the animal checked out by a local veterinarian to make sure the dog or cat is spayed or neutered, receives a rabies vaccination, and is generally in good health.


We do an assessment of the animal’s ability to get along with other animals and humans, we identify other behavioral and training issues or needs, and we post the animal for adoption on Facebook and CCAW’s webpage. Meanwhile, a foster family continues to care for the animal and acclimate it to living in a household. Adoptions can take a long time to find the right fit, and we’re grateful to our foster families.


It really helps us to reunite a lost cat or dog with its owner when the animal has a collar with ID tags and a microchip. There is a common misconception that animals who appear to be lost will find their way home if they’re just left alone. But even if they are relatively close to home, there is no guarantee they will make it back on their own home. Plus, because we live in a tourist area and people travel with their pets, it does happen that they get lost here. Tourists also tend to see loose animals as lost and bring them to CCAW.

We so appreciate that people call us when they feel an animal needs our help, and are also appreciative of our wonderful foster parents, local veterinarian and all of the people who have given so many of our animals wonderful homes. None of this would be possible without all these caring people. Thank you!


For additional information about adopting or helping animals, call CCAW at (435) 491-2050, email, or visit our website, Our mission is to reduce the number of stray cats and dogs in the Wayne County area and to advocate for the welfare of all animals.


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