Check Out This Blog by Some Recent Visitors

  Color Country Animal Welfare has been featured in a blog post by The Paws.  The authors recently stopped into our facility for a tour and a chat.  They donated some of their bandanas to our October 1 Give Me Shelter silent auction.  Take a few minutes to see their beautiful photos and read what […]

CCAW Dogs Finally Adopted & Animal Care Assistant Manager

Sweet Little Girl Looking for a Home This young gal was roughing it on her own until she showed up at someone’s home asking for help. We’re not sure if she was lost or abandoned, but she was clearly tame and craving attention and food. She’s recovering from a recent spay and is looking for […]

Grateful Animals Love Being Helped

CCAW Animal Welfare Goal Color Country Animal Welfare’s goal to reduce the number of unwanted cats just got easier thanks to a new partnership with the Fremont River Veterinary Clinic and Best Friends. CCAW has been fixing over 100 cats a year since 2015, totaling over 1,400 to date. We call this our Trap Neuter […]

Enjoy Our Annual Celebration Today

The CCAW Shelter Party is today! From 4pm to 7pm. The CCAW event is happening today! The event will include a silent auction, food and drinks, entertainment, and it is dog-friendly for leashed, well-behaved dogs. It is at 1150 West on Highway 24 in Torrey, Utah. We hope you will come over to see our new facility and enjoy the place […]

CCAW Shelter Party Is On Saturday!

      The CCAW Shelter Party is this Saturday, September 18! Your dogs and cats are sleeping. Their tails swish. Their whiskers twitch. They may even bark or purr. Maybe, like us, they are sharing Color Country Animal Welfare’s dream for happy animals at our Animal Shelter Building! The shelter party event will be held […]

Give Me Shelter Party Is Coming Soon

Give Me Shelter Party is on September 18. Come see our new facility! Our lovely event will be happening on that Saturday from 4 – 7pm. It will be right next to the CCAW Animal Shelter building, which will be wonderful for you to see. The event will include a silent auction, food and drinks, entertainment, and it is dog-friendly […]

CCAW Yard Sale Event

The CCAW Yard Sale is happening this Saturday! Come on over to join the yard sale event and search around to buy some great items that interest you. We will have clothing, books, kitchen items, outdoor things, paintings, movies, many animal items, jewelry, electronics, and much more! The Yard Sale event will happen on Saturday from […]

Wow, We Did It!

THANK YOU! We’ve reached $17,205! Today has been truly remarkable! We received $8,350 in matching donations. Our community of donors contributed $8,855, allowing us to exceed our goal. Wonderful! The party at the Teasdale Rock Hall was super fun and we reached OVER our goal of $16,000 to help cover our first year’s operating cost of the Animal Care Facility. CCAW also […]

Oooh, So Close! Come Celebrate This Afternoon

CCAW’s Give Wayne County campaign is a success! We’ve raised $5,840 toward our goal, thanks to you and the animal companion surely behind your motivation. Rescuing a homeless pet adds so much pleasure to the daily routine, plus you’re doing an enormous, life-saving thing for a life. It’s a win-win. Thank you all so much! Remember, be at the Teasdale Rock Hall […]

It’s Time To Party With The Pet People!

Are you, animal loving friends in Wayne County, ready to mingle? Join us later today at the Teasdale Rock Hall from 4:30pm to 6:30pm to hang out, win door prizes, eat, drink, hear live music and poetry, see people you haven’t seen in forever, meet new friends, and make a donation to CCAW’s super amazing and desperately needed new animal shelter! CCAW […]