Grateful Animals Love Being Helped

CCAW Animal Welfare Goal

Color Country Animal Welfare’s goal to reduce the number of unwanted cats just got easier thanks to a new partnership with the Fremont River Veterinary Clinic and Best Friends. CCAW has been fixing over 100 cats a year since 2015, totaling over 1,400 to date. We call this our Trap Neuter Return or TNR program. We serve Wayne County and the surrounding area, helping anyone who asks whether they have one cat or thirty. We loan out our traps, assist with large colonies, and provide a voucher so the caregivers pay only $10 a cat. This service also includes a rabies vaccine. Best Friends is now assisting with the vet bills for TNRs when the services are performed by the Fremont River Veterinary Clinic. They also provide a feline FVRCP vaccine. John Benson, who oversees CCAW’s TNR program, says, “Cats multiply almost as fast as rabbits. We have seen many caregivers who started with only two cats and two years later had twenty or more. Smaller colonies keep the cats healthier and calmer.” Benson adds, “Now that we are soon to open our new animal shelter, this assistance from Best Friends is particularly helpful and will allow our animal fixing and rescue programs to grow.” If you would like assistance with getting your cats fixed, please call 435-491-2050 or visit our website. For additional information about adopting or helping animals, call CCAW at (435) 491-2050, email, or visit our website, Our mission is to reduce the number of stray cats and dogs in the Wayne County area and to advocate for the welfare of all animals.