Love Wayne County

They’re just so funny, aren’t they?

What does your animal friend do that makes you laugh out loud … after you take a deep breath? Does your cat see ghosts mid-belly rub, claws out? Does your dog roll in something stinky, eat something questionable, and proudly jump on your car seat?

Help others achieve the same experience of annoyance, acceptance, amusement, and affection, all in a short span of time, by donating to CCAW’s animal shelter, where we use your donations to match homeless pets with their future adopters-of-many- emotions. Help spread the love.

Our goal is to raise $8,000 so we reach our matching donors’ challenge. See our Give Wayne County page for our progress!

We have also updated our website. It’s beautiful, check it out!

Donate at


Mail in a check to
P.O. Box 750404
Torrey, UT 84775-0404