Ellie, a black lab/beagle mix, was abandoned at the age of three months on Hole in the Rock Road in the Utah desert.  She was scared, starving, and covered in fleas.  A family from nearby Escalante found her laying next to the road, too weak to even stand.  They picked her up and took her […]


This week marks our 8 month anniversary as Ruby’s forever family!  She has welcomed each new season with open paws like a true Gem!  Though not a water dog, Ruby is a powder hound!  She loves snow!  She loves nordic skiing and ski touring and snow hiking and running.  “Off skis” was an easy command […]


Jackson was living as a stray in a neighboring county when he was hit by a car. One of his hind legs had to be amputated and the accident severed his spine above his tail, causing him to lose control of his bowels and bladder. In the beginning, he needed help with emptying his bladder […]

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