Jackson was living as a stray in a neighboring county when he was hit by a car. One of his hind legs had to be amputated and the accident severed his spine above his tail, causing him to lose control of his bowels and bladder. In the beginning, he needed help with emptying his bladder two or three times a day and he was also wearing diapers in case of bowel accidents which were constant for the first several weeks. Since that time, he has regained almost complete control of his bowels and although he can now urinate on his own, he does dribble urine which is why he wears a little band around his middle when he’s in the car and house. We’re hoping that too might improve with time. I have met a lot of dogs in my life and have to say in all honesty he is the best. He’s pretty high energy at times and does require exercise, but the rest of the time he is calm, quiet, affectionate, gets along with all humans and animals he meets, and he loves kids and riding in the car. If he could find the keys and figure out how to drive, I’m quite sure he’d do it full time. He can sit, he is polite and will not come in the house unless invited and when he does, he waits for the human to go first. He doesn’t leave the yard unless he’s with a person and he doesn’t dig holes either. He gets along with cats and loves to play with them and eat their food when no one is looking. He does better off leash because it’s harder to navigate with three legs and he needs to set his own pace. Because he literally can’t walk, he pretty much has to run all the time, so he does get tired and likes to take breaks in the shade. He always keeps his human within view, never strays far and always comes when called. He seems to think toys are stupid. So far, anyway. Since he is missing his left hind leg, he can no longer scratch any itches on his left side so he appreciates any help with that. He loves to be brushed and to snuggle and get hugs. The only thing he’s not particularly fond of is water. He leaves that to the labs. He seems to prefer to be outside and maybe that’s because he doesn’t like slippery wood floors or most likely it’s because he’s making sure vehicles don’t leave without him. He’s quiet and only barks if absolutely necessary to warn of what he perceives to be extreme danger. In spite of all the blows this beautiful little dog has been dealt, he has remained in good spirits and has never once objected to any of the many things he has had to endure. He is happy and grateful and we are so happy to have been able to help him heal and spend time with him. As a special needs dog, Jackson needed to find a family that would give him the extra help that he needed.  We are happy to report that he has found them and is living his best life!