Luna is a sweet girl who was found malnourished in the desert of Caineville. She was instantly friendly to her rescuers and got along well with their dogs and cats. We suspect she may have belonged to a hunter as her ears are branded, one of them being severely ripped. That doesn’t stop her from trusting people, though!

She is high-energy, playful and eager to please. We haven’t found a dog she doesn’t get along with. She loves scratches on her back-end and will plop over onto you if you get the magic spot. She is gentle and affectionate, loving to be petted. She is house-trained and shows no destructive tendencies. In a house she loves to sniff all the new smells, and then is content to play with a toy or snuggle on the couch watching TV. She LIVES for walks in nature and will be happy in a home that can meet her exercise needs. She would be great with other animals, too!

Luna’s special needs include some allergies that result in itchy skin. She is currently on a regimen that includes weekly baths to help control the symptoms, and a high quality food to help reduce the risk of food allergy symptoms. Other than that, Luna is ready to go – she just needs you!