This week marks our 8 month anniversary as Ruby’s forever family!  She has welcomed each new season with open paws like a true Gem!  Though not a water dog, Ruby is a powder hound!  She loves snow!  She loves nordic skiing and ski touring and snow hiking and running.  “Off skis” was an easy command for her, and now everyone can enjoy winter sports together safely.  And of course, she looks forward to all her desert trips, our sandstone sun and snow hound.   On the days when her people both have a long, full work day, she goes hiking with her doggo friends and the awesome crew at Aarf Pet Care.  She loves other dogs and playdates!  She really just loves everything!  The cats trust her completely at this point, Ruby understands that ‘feline’ remains the Alpha species at our house. (humans included)🙂 Although they find her size and enthusiasm a bit much at times, they never hide from her.  Sofa-sharing is happening!  We are so grateful for CCAW and all the work they do, and an extra-special thank you to her foster mama Jen.  If you see us around Wayne, come say “hi”! We cannot imagine our life without her now, it is as if she has always been with us.