Millie a Rescue Story

  Millie the dog was found starving and in need of medical care on a rural country road. CCAW members gave her a forever home, and she has plumped up quite nicely. Bonkers the cat was rescued from a car accident as a tiny kitten. He defies his name and

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Tripod and Moses

Tripod This cat appeared in the back yard one day with a hind leg that was nothing but a bloody stump with bones sticking out. Several years later, he is healthy and happy, and has found the perfect prop for that stump in a flower pot. He lives with Jen

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January 26, 2021 Our Journey

Dog and Cat Cuddle

Who ever said, “Life is a journey,” really had it right. Ruff and I met you in November from this very spot. We appealed to your generous spirit to help us help others…those dogs and cats who are lost, abandoned, living hard…in situations much different than ours. You came through

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January 19, 2021 Inspiration

Cats looking out window

From inside CCAW’s partially completed shelter, the view is inspiring! We imagine a fast-approaching day when dogs frisk about the outdoor play areas and cats lounge on the window ledges. Equally inspiring is the never-ceasing generosity of donors like you. Last week, your contributions far exceeded the $1,000 matching grant we

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December 08, 2020 – Give Now

Building CCAW

Dear CCAW Friends, Let’s raise our paws in celebration of our first week of funding efforts! Thanks to you, we received $4,395 towards our goal of $34,000. You continue to provide the support that is so important for the welfare of cats and dogs in need. They thank you from

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December 01, 2020 – It’s #Giving Tuesday!

What we’re grateful for… ·      A loving hand, ·      A warm bed, ·      A regular meal, ·      A patient countenance, ·      A kind word, ·      A forever home, ·      And hope for a better tomorrow for all creatures. Make a lifesaving gift now to the animals to help us reach the final creation of our local shelter for homeless

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