August 2020 – How Will You Change Their World Today?

Today is a great day to give!
When you donate to Color Country Animal Welfare, you’re acknowledging the special bond you share with your own sweet pets.
Very importantly, you’re also helping other cats and dogs find forever homes of their own.

Please help change their world today and donate to save lives.


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Top Ten Best Things About Being a Dog or Cat Foster Parent

Fostering a furry feline friend or best canine pal can be a wonderful experience. With so many local cats and dogs in need, being a foster pet parent is something that can be a fun reality. Here are our top 10 reasons to foster an animal:

1 You can be a heroine or hero for a cat or dog! Animals do know when people rescue them and care for them. Foster animals tend to relax and then happily bloom in safe surroundings. They really do say thank youin their own way to their human fosters.

2 Foster pets learn that humans can be excellent caretakers. Sometimes animals come from less supportive homes and as a result have only distrusted people. Being a foster parent lets you shower love and care upon them, helping them learn to trust people and become very good pets for adoptive families.

3 It’s temporary and flexible. If you cannot commit to permanent adoption but would still love have a pet live with you temporarily, fostering can be the perfect solution!

4 Discover their unique personalities. Often animals are nervous or fearful if they have not had a solid permanent home. Fostering in a safe, loving environment can help them overcome any shyness they may have and allow their particular sense of self to blossom.

5 You’ll smile more! Animals are proven to add positive benefits to our mental and emotional health. Fostering can help you just as much as it helps the animals.

6 Get a continuing supply of kittens and puppies to love. They do grow up to be wonderful adult animals. But fostering can let you keep snuggling all those cute kittens and playful puppies again and again for as long as you want.

7 Your own pets can learn better socialization. If you already have pets, foster animals can help teach them to handle other animals being around. They might even become great playmates.

8 The cost is not all on you. Most foster programs will pay for any vet care, food, transportation, and other needs of the foster animals. You just provide the home and the love!

9 You get to learn about different breeds and types. Many animals come with pre-conceived stereotypes perpetuated by humans. Fostering all sort of different breeds can be a wonderful revelation on how many of those stereotypes just aren’t true.

10 You’ll help save a little life. Millions of dogs and cats end up in shelters every year, and many of them are needlessly euthanized. Fostering allows them a great chance at finding a fantastic forever home with awesome humans.

CCAW really needs more foster parents right now.
If you’re ready to open your heart and your home to an animal in need, call or email Color Country Animal Welfare today to ask about being a foster parent.

We have pets waiting!
(435) 491-2050
or click here to email CCAW ,
or click here to fill out the foster parent application form.


CCAW is in need of temporary foster caretakers. Until our shelter is up and running, every call we get or dog or cat brought to our front doors is a potential crisis when our small handful of current fosters are filled up. CCAW can provide food and necessities.



If you would you love to be a foster animal parent, please call us at (435) 491-2050,
or click here to fill out the foster parent application form.


Mail a Check to
PO Box 750404
Torrey, UT 84775-0404


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