Tripod and Moses


This cat appeared in the back yard one day with a hind leg that was nothing but a bloody stump with bones sticking out. Several years later, he is healthy and happy, and has found the perfect prop for that stump in a flower pot. He lives with Jen Howe, a CCAW board member.


Moses appeared outside the kitchen window one morning with a terrible infection in his ears. He was immediately taken to Dr. Durfee in Salina, who said he had a very small chance of surviving, as he feared the infection had spread to the bones in his skull. After spending 5 days at the vet clinic for treatment, he came back here to claim his very own flower pot. And that is pretty much where he has stayed for the past 7 years – except to venture to the food bowl and ask to have the faucet turned on so he can have a drink. He lives with Jen Howe, a CCAW board member.