Mr. T is a special cat who is looking for his forever home.  Having never lived indoors, he was found in freezing conditions with a severely injured front leg and brought in to Fremont River Veterinary Clinic as a stray.  His right front leg had to be amputated so he needs a home indoors. He was, understandably, a little shy after arriving to foster and has really come out of his shell as he healed. Getting used to the safety and comfort of indoor life, he now purrs when he sees us, uses his litter box like a pro, and loves to be petted. He will even offer you his belly once he knows you and has been learning the new pleasures of toys and playtime. This guy never had it easy and he must’ve fought to survive just to get to a place where now, even missing a limb, he feels loved and comfort for the first time. He’s really a special guy and we’ve loved watching him grow, heal, and learn to trust.  Now he’s ready to experience everything he never could have imagined while struggling through the cold winters all alone. Could you be the Mr. T’s special person? Please call 954-907-6259 or 435-491-2050 if you’d like more information or to meet this fluffy little survivor.