Meet Suzie. She’s a border collie through and through and just under a year old. She’s remarkably well behaved considering her puppy energy is still intact. She gets along great with other dogs and cats as well, remarkably great! She loves hanging around her people as well, is super intelligent, and loves to work hard […]


Meet Chuba. He is a German Shepherd and just about a year old. If you know German Shepherds, especially pups, you know that they are rather vocal. Chuba, on the other hand, is surprisingly “soft spoken” for his breed. This is not to say that he won’t completely fulfill his duty of protector and furry […]

Mr. Purr

  This is Mr Purr. He has a very similar story to his friend and fellow CCAW rescue kitty Abish. Mr Purr wasn’t found, he took his fate into his own paws & found his way to salvation. A very remote part of the high desert which is home to barely 20 humans in 100+ […]


Sometimes an animal just decides it’s time to change it’s life, and that of a lucky human in the process. Abish has been cared for as part of a group of outdoor cats living on a ranch though she never really fit in. All the other cats in the group were very independent but Abish […]

Successful Holiday Adoption Event

We are so pleased to report that we were able to facilitate the adoption of 15 cats and kittens during our Holiday Adoption Event!  Thank you to everyone that helped make this event a success and thank you to those adopters that opened your hearts and homes to these precious felines!


Sapphire has been “camping” at Capitol Reef National Park for the better part of a year now. He was thought to be feral but once he was captured, it is clear he must’ve had a home as he is very friendly, though a bit shy. He’s neutered and vaccinated and would love to meet you. […]