Sweetie’s human passed away last fall and she came to live with her daughter, a friend near and dear to CCAW. Now, sadly, our friend has moved to a care facility and Sweetie is without anyone.      She’s been very shy since she moved to Torrey and has basically been living in […]


  Nyxie is a gorgeous 3 year old neutered male. He’s been living with Sweetie (also posted) and if you’ve read her story, you know he too has lost his human.  He’s a super sweet boy and is used to both being indoors and outdoors. His vaccinations are current and he loves dogs.  If you […]


        This little mini Cheetah/Leopard coated girl is ready for her forever home. She is 5-6 weeks old and will have all her shots and be fixed (at no cost to her adopter) once she is old enough. She eats on her own, uses the litter box like a pro, and is […]

Spring and Autumn

        These cuties are Spring and Autumn. They have the most adorable, affectionate, larger-than-life personalities of any Tabby twin sisters you’ll ever meet. They are virtually indistinguishable from one another and the easiest way to choose which one is right for you is to not! Sibling kittens grow together and never loose […]