Tux was happily living with my next door neighbor for years until she had to move to a facility last year. Since he mostly preferred being an outdoor cat, I thought he should stay here in the neighborhood rather than get uprooted. I can’t have indoor cats, but he had plenty of haystacks, a big shed for cats, heated houses and lots of food. He was happy until a couple weeks ago when my other cats started being mean to him and trying to run him off. Now he is miserable and just sits at the window and cries to get in. I think he’d prefer to be spending more time inside and to not have to worry about being attacked. He never fights back. He’s 8 years old, very healthy, friendly, up to date on his vaccinations and is neutered. He can be shy with new people, but warms right up. If you could give this outdoor/wanna be part time indoor kitty a home, please call 435-425-3330.