Shylo is a small 6 year old staffy mix who lived with 2 other dogs until she lost a family member. She’ll need time to process the changes, so she’s a bit anxious, but we expect her to bounce back and enjoy being a family member again. She’s fearful at first, but loves to cuddle and give kisses once she gets to know you. She walks like a champ on a leash – she’s small, easy to redirect, and doesn’t pull much. She stays tuned in to her handler.

Shylo is good in the house and would do best with moderate exercise and as your only child. She’s a smart girl who knows some basic commands and would benefit from some additional training so that she can learn to be the best dog she can be. Shylo is a bit unsure of other dogs, so we’re helping build her confidence in order to teach her that she can be safe. If you’re looking for a small, snuggly best friend who will stick by your side through thick and thin, Shylo is the girl for you!