Introducing Scarlet the super dog. It’s hard to believe what she’s been through judging from how amazing she is now that she is in our care. Meeting her, all you get is cuteness, playfulness, and inquisitiveness, but if you look closely at her, you may see an indication of her struggle to get here. She was born into an overpopulated environment and suffered injuries from other animals. A kind soul managed to get her away from that environment and to our local vet, Dr. Jake, who worked hard to put her adorable little head back together. Although she still has some of the marks, her beautiful, loving spirit outshines all of it. She’s a compact little beauty, already over 6 months old and we think she’s going to be one of those doggies that is blessed with perpetual puppiness! Scarlet loves to play fetch and chase as well as just hang out with her human, dog, and kitty friends, who she gets along with splendidly. She’s already been fixed, vaccinated, and is just waiting for you to adopt her so she can protect your home with her super powers of intelligence, cuteness, fearlessness, and loyalty just as she’s done with all of us here at CCAW. Please call 435-425-2050 or message us here with any questions or to arrange to meet this little wonder.