This is Roo and boy is he a special guy! Don’t let his short ears distract you, he is a very special breed of kitty. Roo is an American Curl. Read up on American Curls and you will understand why many call his breed “a person in a cat suit”. Due to an unfortunate accident, he lost the tops of both of his curly ears but they are not what makes American Curls so special. This breed is known to be super intelligent, affectionate, engaging with their humans, and communicative. If you know cats, you will realize quickly that he literally has his own language, unique from other cats, and will carry on conversations and even deep, intellectual discussions with you about the origins of the universe. Roo will forever be by your side, on your lap, or sitting on your shoe because he was put here to teach you so much about love, companionship, and devotion that one lifetime just isn’t enough. If you would like to know more about Roo or meet him, please reach out here or call us at 435-425-2050.