This is Mr Purr. He has a very similar story to his friend and fellow CCAW rescue kitty Abish. Mr Purr wasn’t found, he took his fate into his own paws & found his way to salvation.

A very remote part of the high desert which is home to barely 20 humans in 100+ square miles produced this absolute gem of a kitty. How he survived in that desolation is anyone’s guess but he made his way to the attention of a kind soul who brought him to us for help.
If you want to know anything about him, just say his name! Mr Purr is definitely not a cat that you would ever be wondering where he wandered off to because if he’s not on your lap snoozing and, of course purring, just look down and he’ll be cuddling around your ankles or sitting on your shoe!  He is another world champion companion kitty and acts like it’s the only thing he’s ever known though we know that his former life’s struggle was far from the comfort and affection he now so selflessly provides.
He is fixed, vaccinated, & has all his cat duties purrfected;  litter pro, ✔! social butterfly, ✔! lap warmer, ✔ lifetime companion and unconditional love-giver, ✔. Come and see how he lives up to his name and so much more! Visit us at the facility or call 435-425-2050 with any questions.