Luna, Chance, and Kaylee

Luna, Chance, and Kaylee were strays in the Torrey Area. In each case flyers were posted, we asked neighbors and friends if they recognized any of these cats and no one did. Our children call us the Torrey cat nappers because for three years in a row, we had an opportunity to add to our “cat collection” and in each case a cat “found” us, Bob and Barb Czapla, Torrey, UT.


Luna – This female Tabby showed up on our property ten years ago in the middle of a December winter starving. She had a collar that had begun to be embedded in her neck that would have cut off her breathing as she grew if it were not removed. A can of tuna fish is all that it took to coax her into our house and our lives. She was cat rescue number one.

Chance – Nine years ago we found this male Bengal (we think) when he was four weeks old on the road we walk to town. He was sick and starving but still managed a meow to tell us where he was. He shows up in the shower, the sink or by the mirror when you are putting on your makeup. He is the most curious cat we have ever had…..all twenty-five pounds of him and the love of our lives. He was rescue cat number two.

Kaylee – This beautiful calico female was found on highway 24 about eight years ago when we were picking up trash along the road. She came out of the bushes crying for help. Her litter mate was not so lucky. We picked her up, brought her home and fed her. Immediately, she knew she was safe and became our rescue cat number three.