Love and her nearly identical big brother Munchkin are just old enough (7-8 months) to not be called kittens but not quite seasoned, adult felines either. As such, they are still as playful and inquisitive as kittens but in a slightly larger frame. They have been loved and well cared for by their foster since they were born and have now been handed over to our own, loving staff to find their way home to you. 

As with all our sibling kitties, they, with the guidance and socialization efforts of their big step-brother-from-another-mother, Cliff, and the rest of our CCAW crew, will do great alone, but please consider the overload of love and cuddles that only adopting sibling felines will bring to your own family. 
Please call 435-425-2050 or visit them at the facility to learn more and see if Love, Munchkin or any of their team of super hero rescue kitty friends are the missing piece to complete your own happy home.