Hank was rescued from an abandoned hoarded house, where he was alone except for 2 aggressive dogs. He has lived with minimal human contact, except for two exceptional women who made every effort to win the trio over and feed them.

Now with Hank in our care, he has made great strides in socialization. He is shy but can quickly overcome it with new people. He has been doing excellent with his training. While he used to be terrified of a leash, he now goes on leashed walks, plays with other dogs in the yard, loves to chase a flirt pole, and BEGS for belly rubs. He is affectionate, seeking butt rubs and ear scratches from those he trusts the most. He can “sit”, go to his “place” and has mastered laying “down”.

He is comfortable inside and outside and uses a doggy door. He is house-trained, neutered, and up to date on all vaccinations. Hank wags his tail, loves to be petted, and will follow us around the yard. With other dogs he is submissive and playful.

We will continue working on helping Hank feel more confident, but are certain he will make a happy, trusting, affectionate dog for anyone who wins him over.