If you have followed CCAW’s recent happy parade of rescued and adopted felines then you must remember Mr Purr and his amazing story of survival out in the high desert during this past winter season. Cliff Eastwood here must be cut from the same cloth as his story is identical and even his rescuer was the same. Matter of fact, Cliff is the third in a line of amazing cats found out in the same harsh, life-threatening conditions who found their way to salvation with CCAW and now, hopefully, your open, loving arms. 

Cliff is a big, love-filled, teddy bear of a cat who hasn’t met another cat or dog that he doesn’t get along with. He immediately took to our family of rescue animals here at the facility and his bigger-than-life personality is even giving our famous shelter manager, Cee Cee, a run for his money! If Cliff isn’t busy comforting and chaperoning some of the less socialized kitties around the facility to help them acclimate, he spends his day shadowing and assisting staff with the day’s activities, all the while keeping up a lively conversation with all he encounters. 

If you would like to meet this amazing guy and add an infinite amount of companionship, fun, and unconditional love to your home, please call 435-425-2050 or stop by the facility to meet Cliff. He very well may be the first to greet you and would be happy to give you a tour, introduce you to his friends, and just might accompany you to his happy ever after!