Clarice is one of the most well-travelled CCAW rescue dogs we’ve ever helped. Not only has she seen many miles in her short life, she’s also lived a full lifetime of struggle to arrive here and now be ready to see only the light of each new day and loving smiles from her friends at CCAW and soon, a new forever home. 

Would you like to star in the next best chapter of this beautiful little survivor’s story? 
She was found abandoned and starving, a shell of her now vibrant self, all the way down on the streets of Houston by a family with local ties and they took quick action to scoop her up and bring her back to health. They traveled with her back and forth to Northern Utah before reaching out to us as they had the resources to save her from the streets but couldn’t keep her long-term. It can only be imagined what her life was before she found her way to them and now to CCAW and our dedicated team of animal advocates. 
We have loved getting to know her, instilling trust, and showing her that she is among friends, and wow has she blossomed! She takes to learning new things like a doggie genius and even has her own super power- hugs! If you give her the right command, and sometimes even when she’s just happy to see you, she will gently stand up and lean into you with one of her heart-melting hugs. 
Clarice is really special and we all love her more each day, but we know it’s time for her fairytale ending after a life of sadness and despair. 
Please call 435-425-2050 to arrange a meeting with this resilient sweet girl or if you have any questions about her. She is fully vaccinated and spayed as are all our adult rescues.