Meet Chuba. He is a German Shepherd and just about a year old. If you know German Shepherds, especially pups, you know that they are rather vocal. Chuba, on the other hand, is surprisingly “soft spoken” for his breed. This is not to say that he won’t completely fulfill his duty of protector and furry security system for his new family, of course. It does say, however, a lot about how well adjusted he is which is a testament to the amazing care and upbringing He’s been given by his wonderful foster family. He’s an amazing hiker and loves to get out and enjoy life. Chuba has been with his foster family, canines and humans, for the past 3 months and is ready to meet his forever family. He’s great around other dogs and awesome in whatever vehicle is taking him on his next adventure! Chuba is fixed, vaccinated, and can’t wait to meet you and shown you what he’s all about. Give us a call at 435-425-2050 to make arrangements to come and meet this amazing guy!

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