Bell-e and her brother Maxx lost their human to tragedy and have resolved themselves to overcome adversity, with CCAW’s help, and bring unequaled companionship and affection to your home. 

They are both gorgeous individuals and have now been socialized with our resident family of felines to prepare them for a new beginning and lifelong companionship with perhaps, hopefully, your own family. Bell-E looks like a happily mad scientist managed to cross a Chinchilla’s coat onto a kitty cat’s frame. She is gorgeous and has a personality to match! Come meet her or call 435-425-2050 to learn more. 

Through the caring efforts of our facility staff, both these adult siblings will do great singly in your loving home, but if you want to exponentially increase the cuteness factor of your adoption effort, consider adopting them as a team and see how feline siblings never stop cuddling and loving like kittens.