Once just a legend, the “Fluffy Bunch” has now been apprehended. This band of high desert roaming outlaw kittens has been shown that crime, and life in the wilds, doesn’t pay. Nor does it compare to a warm lap and the endless snuggles of a forever home with you!

BeemBeem and his siblings have turned their adorable, tiny lives around and the quick learners that all kittens are, have now officially graduated to their new status as impossibly perfect harbingers of joy and happiness to your family.

BeemBeem was the mastermind and former planner of the “Fluffy Bunch” so he now is the more laid back and perceptive of the clan. He will always be there, watching over you or sitting on your lap, making sure to keep you out of trouble, unless your plan is to get into some with this exceptional little cohort!

Come by and learn more about this bunch’s amazing story, reply here, or call 435-425-2050 and CCAW staff will be happy to fill you in.