Sometimes an animal just decides it’s time to change it’s life, and that of a lucky human in the process. Abish has been cared for as part of a group of outdoor cats living on a ranch though she never really fit in. All the other cats in the group were very independent but Abish had made quick friends with one of the human caretakers of these felines. She was always friendly, vocal, affectionate and never really seemed cut out for life outdoors. One day, she simply chose to let her caretaker know that she wasn’t interested in anything other than human companionship. Her outdoor brethren had become increasingly aggressive and territorial to the point of excluding her from the comfortable shelter they were all provided. Abish had enough and came to her caretaker for help. For reasons understandable, she was not able to stay within the home of her human friend and they reached out to us for help.

Abish now has a warm, comfortable, and stress-free place in the care of CCAW while we share her story with you in hopes of making that precious connection and getting her to her forever home once and for all. She is sweet, gentle, intelligent, and desires nothing more than your lap and arms to cuddle and curl up. This is a girl who has seen so much but only wishes now to see a smiling human(s) face to give her the love and home she so deserves and persevered so bravely to find. Come meet her and see! She’s fixed, vaccinated, a litter pro, and a certified lap cat! Stop by the facility or call 435-425-2050 for more information.