A Happy Trio – Blue’s Story

We adopted Blue from Color Country Animal Welfare (CCAW) while she was being fostered three years ago when she was about 5 years old.

The second we met, she clung to me, and I knew that she was destined to be part of our family. As I was leaving her that first day we met, she looked up at me with those sad puppy dog eyes as if to say, “You aren’t leaving me here, are you?” .

Steve and I returned and brought her home. I am sure that she had never lived in a house before. She did not know about stairs or the doorbell. However, she knew immediately that the dog bed was hers.

She was not house-trained, but somehow, she knew she should not go potty in the house. So, my husband and I became trained to take her out every couple of hours. .

Blue is the most amazing dog I have ever had. She is very smart, calm, non-aggressive, and a great traveler. She has never barked except when she is excited about getting her breakfast or dinner.

She was missing all her front teeth when we adopted her, which leads me to believe that she may have been a hard-working cow dog. Now, her favorite, and only, job is lizard hunting. She loves her walks, hiking, and going for rides in the Side by Side. Almost from day one she would heel perfectly while walking off leash. .

Most people that are around her for any length of time always say that they would not hesitate to get a dog if it was just like Blue. Steve, who resisted getting a dog for 7 years, cannot imagine life without her now. We are a happy trio! .

Steve and Christy Bradley