Thanks to our generous donors, we met our goal. We’re still accepting donations through the link below to help with maintenance of the building.

Sometimes dog rescuing comes in waves. And sometimes dog rescuing means caring for those certain dogs who need solitude and extra human care to recover from their pasts, away from the barking hubbub of an animal shelter.

CCAW’s rural Torrey, Utah rescue facility has limited kennel spaces for our increasing number of rescued dogs, but we do have nearly 12 acres of property on which to create a secondary space to temporarily house overflow rescue dogs and/or dogs needing extra attention.

This project aims to construct a secure, all-weather “Dog House” on our property but apart from the main facility, with electricity and water and surrounded by a secure fence. This will allow us to rescue more dogs that we would otherwise be unable to, and it will save valuable staff time travelling to and from foster families’ locations.