Matching Pledge Campaign

Annie Holt and Don Gomes have issued a challenge to supporters of CCAW. They will match 20% of pledged donations to support CCAW’s animal rescue operations, up to $18,000/year in pledges, for 2022, 2023, 2024.

Click “Learn More” below to see how you can pledge. All pledges must be submitted by 12/31/22 to be eligible.

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Annual Celebration & Silent Auction

Nancy Bradish organized a wonderful silent auction which helped raise over $5,000! To help support the bidding activity everyone enjoyed the amazing Mediterranean appetizers prepared and donated by Sushiel Keshwani.

The money raised will help with the care of the many rescued animals that end up at the shelter. The number of adoptions has almost tripled over the past year! The rescued animals are now also receiving a vet exam and all vaccinations!

Looking for Forever Homes

We are overflowing with kittens and cats looking for homes! They range in age from infants being bottle fed by foster parents to mature cats having lost their human. Pictured above are Piper and Sweetie. There are also a couple of dogs anxious to be adopted! Click “learn more” to see them all. We are in desperate need of more foster homes. Please let us know if you are interested!

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Lost – Found – Reunited!

Kitty, yes that is her name, is a very lucky cat! For fifteen years she had been living a life of comfort and enjoying RV trips with her family. Her life suddenly changed one day while the family was staying at the Sand Creek RV Park in Torrey. Kitty decided to go for a walk and got lost! Many people helped search for her for two weeks, including her parents who extended their stay in the area in hopes of recovering her, to no avail. With heavy hearts, her family had to return to their home in Arkansas without her.

For the next four months there were occasional sightings of her and CCAW never gave up the search. She was spotted, reports came in, and we tracked her all through town setting humane traps in efforts to get her home. She was seen many times and we were assisted by friends and local businesses including Anna, Leslie and Harry at Sand Creek RV, Nancy, her entire family, and staff at Hunt and Gather, Sherri, Mike and their crew at Chuck Wagon as well as so many others whose hearts went out to the poor little girl! She managed to somehow survive in the wild which is a miracle for a 15-year-old house cat. Kitty braved desert heat, cold nights, monsoonal rains and flooding as well as managed to avoid raptors, coyotes, mountain lions and other predators by herself for nearly four months. CCAW staff never lost hope nor gave up the search and our efforts paid off. Kitty was eventually trapped with the help of some graciously donated fish scraps from Hunt and Gather and brought into the facility in late September where she quickly stole all our hearts!

Despite having lost nearly 8 of her 11 lbs., Kitty was the sweetest, most lovable girl imaginable. While staff was busy pulling half a desert’s worth of burrs out of her beautiful long hair, this little purr monster never flinched or protested. We immediately got her a Vet check-up, contacted her parents, and made sure she had the most comfortable, loving stay with us while her family made the trek across the country to be reunited with her. Lots of hugs and joyful tears were shed that late night in October when Kitty’s family was finally made whole again at our facility here in Torrey. CCAW will always put forth the same passion in effort to do all we can for the animals we serve and their loving humans here in our little piece of paradise.