AC’s Test

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2021 Apple Days Yard Sale

The Apple Days Yard Sale for CCAW is coming soon! It will happen at The Old House at Center and Main in Torrey on July 3rd. Come along to buy some items, or bring donations beforehand!

2021 Give Wayne County

Wow we did it!  Thanks for making it happen! We raised $17,205 towards our first year of facility operations. And special thanks to our matching donors.  We could not have done this without you! We received $8,350 in matching donations. Our community of donors contributed $8,855, allowing us to exceed our goal. Thank You All!!! […]

Sushiel Keswani

Sushiel lived in NJ for nearly 35 years before retiring from management consulting and moving to Utah for a life of peace and solitude. He now pursues his hobbies of music, writing, cooking, and gardening. Sushiel is actively involved with CCAW and is also volunteering with the Wayne County Fire department. His wife Priscilla, a […]