Tana Peery Hunter


I was born and raised in Utah, my ancestors were all pioneers. I have a bachelor of science degree in Animal science from the University of California at Davis. I have been married to Doug for 48 years and have two wonderful daughters. I am absolutely in love with the natural world, birds being a special passion. We have had many pets over the years, right now we have two dogs and two Wayne county kitties.

I worked at Highland High in Salt Lake City for 15 years as volunteer coordinator and make-up credit supervisor.  Over the years, I have volunteered for Red Butte Garden, the Salt Lake City School District, the Utah Museum of Natural History, Hawkwatch International, and my local PTA in mostly educational roles.

I believe it is up to every one of us to give what we can to our community, to be kind and to help where possible. Being part of CCAW is a great way to do this and I thank all of you for the wonderful work you have done and for inviting me into the fold