Community Cat/Barn Program

"Will Mouse in Exchange for Room and Board"

Color-Country Animal Welfare has created a Barn Cat Program to save feral or skittish cats from a life of hunger in the wild and as a natural non-toxic method of rodent control. All cats in this program are sterilized and vaccinated against rabies and a number of other common diseases prior to moving to their new barn homes.

While barn cats might live more independently, they need the same basic care a house cat receives.

Adopting a barn cat (s) involves:
1. Providing some sort of shelter—whether it be a barn, garage or other structure.
2. Providing daily food, water and possible veterinary care.
3. In order for the cat (s) to become accustomed to their new surroundings, it is recommended that they be confined for a period of several days before being allowed out.

Feeding canned food to relocated cats at least until the cats are released after their confinement period will tend to keep the cats around while getting used to their new environment and food source. After that, dry food is preferable.

If you are interested in this program and meet the requirements, please call Color-Country Animal Welfare at (435) 491-2050.

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