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Color Country Announces Future Animal Services Facility


Color Country Animal Welfare (CCAW) is excited to announce its plans to bring an animal care facility to Wayne County. It will be located on CCAW’s 12-acre site at the west edge of Torrey. The building will serve as a home for CCAW’s growing animal rescue and adoption activities and will provide dog and cat boarding services for residents as well as to visitors to Capitol Reef National Park.

With individual sleep areas and access to indoor and outdoor play areas, the new construction will accommodate more than a dozen dogs. Up to eight cats can be housed in their own private shelters inside two larger playrooms. In addition, the building will have a spacious lounge area, a dog washing room available to the public, and exterior dog walking paths and play areas also open to the public.

Aiming for a pleasant, calming atmosphere designed to reduce fear and anxiety among the dogs and cats housed there, CCAW has paid particular attention to the interior spaces and materials. Ventilation will be state-of-the-art in all dog and cat areas. This will make it possible to maintain a high level of animal health.

Parallel Lines, an architectural firm in Salt Lake City headed by Thomas Oakley Bath and Jen Dalley, handled all of the design work. Animal Arts in Boulder, Colorado served as a consultant in the early planning stages. Parallel Lines designed the building to be easily expandable should future demands exceed available space. The firm emphasized the use of standard construction methods and materials to keep construction and future maintenance expenditures as low as possible. CCAW commits to using local contractors and material providers whenever possible.

Construction cost is expected to be approximately $700,000. An additional $100,000 covers expenses for the architect, consultant, furniture, equipment, fencing, and landscaping. CCAW’s hopes break ground in late 2019 or early 2020, following a major fund raising campaign that has now begun.

We are excited to bring this much-needed facility and service to Torrey and Wayne County and hope to see you in the near future.

Reprinted from the Insider. October 25, 2018. Read more… 

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