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Dear Santa,

I’m sure you remember me. I’m Flash, the orange tabby, who lives with Duke, the best canine pal in nine counties. I’m writing to thank you for bringing us the best gifts two fur friends could imagine. You probably don’t receive many thank you letters. Especially not from the likes of me. I mean how many cats can actually type? But I just had to let you know we are safe and happy this winter.

You made it possible for us to have a warm shelter. Naturally I get to stay inside all day because I am a pampered cat. But Duke, who spends his nights in the garage, got a doghouse – one that’s big enough to accommodate his largeness. He can turn around inside the required two times, and he can even curl up without getting a cramp in his tail. At the same time, his new abode is small enough to hold in his body heat. The floor is a few inches above the ground and is covered with cedar shavings. And that smells divine! Of course, we still get to go outside and play, but we always have a warm place to get out of the wind and cold. Santa, in case you’re vacationing in Hawaii, you should know it’s still winter here in central Utah.

Did someone tell you about last winter’s catastrophe? It was so cold my tongue got stuck on my metal food dish! So the new plastic food and water bowls you left next to the catnip are better than those old bowls and maybe even better than my cat’s pajamas. My bowl is blue with cat paw designs around the rim. Duke’s has his name it. I saw one just like it on Amazon, but really…can a dog read?

Now you and I both know some dogs can look silly wearing clothes, but that plaid, padded jacket you brought Duke is really the cat’s meow. He has such short hair. (He is, after all, a German shorthair.) But he feels like a cool cat, I mean a hot dog when he’s wearing his new coat – even on short walks. Our humans even make sure to wipe our paws with a damp towel when we come in from the cold. Santa, you must have told them rock salt and other snowmelt chemicals really irritate our pads and sometimes even our mouths.

Some gifts are gifts of action, and our humans leapt to it by storing their de-icing salt in a safe place. They learned the sweet taste of antifreeze is attractive to Duke and to me. It’s also POISON! So our humans checked the driveway and garage for spills and cleaned them up. They even switched over to antifreeze made with propylene glycol because it can be less toxic. And Dr. Jake’s phone number is right beside the phone, just in case.

Santa, remember that little calico that lives up the street? I never realized some cats actually LIVE OUTSIDE ALL OF THE TIME! So Sadie loves the little shelter you brought for her. She doesn’t have to cuddle up next to the car engine each morning just to warm up. Still, just to make sure Sadie’s little friends aren’t in danger, her humans bang on the hood before starting their car.

Well, Santa, that’s about all for now. Thank you, thank you, for making this the best winter ever. If I any time extra time between napping and playing cat and mouse, I’ll write again.

Your favorite fur friend, Flash (and Duke)

Color Country Animal Welfare

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