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Color Country Animal Welfare’s upcoming workshop with Emily Strong

By Jen Howe

Your dog, his cat, her horse. They are our best friends. But how do our human friends and neighbors feel about them? The answer to that question might depend upon the way our animal companions interact with the local postal carrier, the terrier next door, the Girl Scout selling cookies, or anyone else who ventures near.

We all hope our animal companions are well behaved, and there are definitely advantages to training our dogs, cats, birds, or any other animal in the family. Positive training is one of the best ways to build a positive relationship with your pet. Knowing basic manners and commands prevents our animal friends from developing anxiety and other stress related behaviors. And training builds up a language of communication between you and your companion that promotes security, comfort, and loyalty.

If you would like to learn training skills or are interested in expanding the skills you already have, you’ll want to attend Color Country Animal Welfare’s upcoming workshop with Emily Strong. Emily is an animal behavior consultant who believes “all species are more successful when we focus on teaching them what we want them to do rather than punishing behaviors we don’t want.”

Please join Emily and Color Country Animal Welfare for an insightful, informative, and fun how-to-train-your-favorite-pet workshop in Torrey. Whether it be dog, cat, bird, horse, ferret, or anything else, Emily can help you.

The workshop is Tuesday and Wednesday, August 7 and 8, at the Torrey Pavilion. The cost is $25 for the two days. Payment will be at the door. We’ll start at 9 AM and end at 5 PM each day.  Plan to attend without your animal friend as Emily has a specific method and workshop format that works best with only humans in attendance. If you have questions or to sign up in advance, please click here. We look forward to seeing you there!


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