Foster Cat or Dog Agreement

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I agree to the following:

That my services as a Foster Care Provider for CCAW are provided on a strictly volunteer basis. I shall receive no pay, benefits, or compensation from CCAW for my foster care of animals. I also agree to provide foster care in strict compliance with the policies and procedures of CCAW, including:

A. Providing adequate water, food, shelter, safe containment, daily exercise, a collar with ID tags, and humane treatment for the animal(s) at all times.

B. Monitoring the animal(s) and providing proper care & socialization to increase their possibility for adoption.

C. Notifying the Foster Care Coordinator within 24 hours of any major change in the fostered animal's health or the animal being lost.

D. Agreeing to represent yourself professionally.

E. Agreeing that CCAW will provide the necessary food, vaccinations, spay/neuter, and medical care for the foster animals.

F. Agreeing to provide basic obedience training and house training.

G. Agreeing to obtain approval for medical expenses and recognizing CCAW will cover necessary costs if approved.

H. Keeping the foster animal under control either on a leash or within the confines of a fenced area when the foster animal is outdoors. Allow the animal to be indoors as often as possible for companionship and to accustom them to being in a home.

I. Dogs must not ride loose in the bed of a pickup, or be left in the car when temperatures exceed 70 degrees.

J. Understanding that CCAW does not guarantee the health, temperament, or training of the animal in your care

Submitting this application you waive Color Country Animal Welfare from all liability related to acts in the normal performance of requested or implied duties.

Thank you for your interest! Our Foster Coordinator will contact you soon.

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