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Fremont River Veterinary

Dr Jake Van Dyke

As many of us have experienced, life has a way of turning one direction when we are headed in another. That’s exactly what happened as Jake Van Dyke completed his veterinary training last year. He had always planned to return to Wayne County to start a veterinary practice after eight years of university training and clinical experience. He envisioned partnering with other veterinarians in the area for a few years while working toward a clinic of his own. But, when a building went on the market, a building that could accommodate an animal clinic, that was the unexpected but perfectly timed turn that led him to start his own private practice as Dr. Jake Van Dyke at the Fremont River Veterinary Clinic in Lyman.

Dr. Jake, his local moniker, grew up on a dairy farm in Dry Valley. That meant he spent plenty of time around animals of all sorts. If you check out the Fremont River Veterinary Clinic Facebook page, you’ll even see young Jake riding two horses at once, one foot on each saddled back. Many a calf started out with Daddy Jake as bottle-feeder-in-chief. Maybe these early experiences are what led to his pursuit of animal care as a profession.

Once you meet Dr. Jake, you’ll discover he is passionate about his job. He believes keeping animals safe and healthy is a team effort because his patients are unable to speak for themselves. That’s why Jake works hard to listen to animal caretakers who are often the first to detect and describe problems.

Jake explains that preventative care is extremely important. This includes vaccinations; heartworm, flea, and tick treatments; addressing diarrhea and air-borne diseases; nutrition and herd management; and annual checkups. Not only are these concerns important for the health of animals, they are also important to the health of people since some animal diseases can spread to humans.

Every morning for Dr. Van Dyke begins with surgery. This includes spays, neuters, and mass removals. The remainder of the day is filled with appointments and emergency calls. Tuesdays and Thursdays he spends in Richfield working with Dr. Utley. Saturdays are filled with ranch calls.

It’s hard to imagine this veterinarian has any spare time, but, on occasion, you can still find Jake with his wife Cassie, and their four children, Konrad, Travis, Gary, and Paityn, camping, four-wheeling, starting young horses, or working several hundred acres of alfalfa.

While Dr. Jake focuses on preventive medicine and provides surgical intervention, the list of services available at the Fremont River Veterinary Clinic goes on and on. A new mobile unit helps provide better service during house and farm calls. And Kelbi, their groomer, is ever ready to transform your pooch from good to gorgeous. Any time, day or night, weekday or weekend, just call 435.836.2211. If it’s after hours, just leave a message, and your call will be returned quickly.

Thanks from clients are already pouring in. Dr. Van Dyke’s accessible and knowledgeable care is a welcome addition to Wayne County. We are glad life’s winding road led him back to Wayne County.

– Color Country Animal Welfare

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