Dana Landale

Dana first came to Wayne County in the late 1980s for the Outlaw Trail endurance ride and was immediately drawn to the area. In 1991 she and her husband, Nipper (KenNoble) met Doc and Dottie Weaver. They spent time at the Weaver’s Shifting Sands Ranch on the Notom road, and later helped put on an endurance ride at their ranch in Torrey. When they decided they wanted to retire here, Dottie actually found their piece of property.


Dana and Nipper moved to Teasdale in 2008 from their home in Peoa, along with their family of dogs, cats and horses. Dana continued to spend some time up north working at her job in graphics at her friends’ sign business. In June of 2014 she retired, so now she has more time to explore the country on foot and on horseback. She is also happy to have some time to devote to assisting Color Country Animal Welfare, founded by her fondly remembered friend, Dottie Weaver.