Community and Barn Cat

“Will Mouse in Exchange for Room and Board”

As in most areas, both rural and “in town”, we have a number of free-roaming cats in Wayne County, though there are fewer of them each year with CCAW’s ongoing TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) Program. CCAW facilitates the spaying/neutering of these cats. Cats that are socialized and friendly may be put up for adoption. Most times the cats are simply returned to the locale where they were found.

Barn Cat Program

If you have a stray or group of strays hanging around, please call us for help in a timely manner so we can prevent unwanted pregnancies. We will provide humane traps and put our best effort into getting the cats trapped and taken to the veterinarian for spay or neuter and rabies vaccination. The ear of each sterilized cat will be tipped to identify that individual as such. After surgery, cats should be confined in a sheltered area until recovered.

We do not take in or try to “domesticate” cats that are obviously feral and skittish. These cats aren’t socialized or adoptable as indoor pets. They may do well in a farm or barn setting, however.

Any cat or cats that are to be relocated should be taken to the new locale while still recovering from sterilization. They should be kept in a confined area with shelter, food and water for a week or more so they are well-recovered and habituated to the new environment before release.

Please call us if you need help with stray cats, or if you are interested in finding help with rodent control around your barn! (435) 491-2050.